After Marriage: Redefining Freedom in the Crosshairs of Empire and Dictatorship

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Raha presented at the CUNY Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS) conference, “After Marriage: The Future of LGBTQ Politics and Scholarship,” on Sunday, October 2, 2016 at 9am at John Jay College.

During the “Transnational Issues in LGBTQ Politics” session, Raha members delivered a collaborative piece titled “After Marriage, Redefining Freedom in the Crosshairs of Empire and Dictatorship: Observations towards a new politics of sexuality.”

Sanctions as Tool of War: A Comparative Look at Iraq and Iran – Mon, 4/29 @ CUNY GC

Raha is co-sponsoring this incredible and informative event on Monday, 4/29/13 at 7pm in CUNY Grad Center Room 9100.

Sanctions as a Tool of War: A Comparative Look at Iraq and Iran

Sanctions are still presented in mainstream political discussion as a peaceful alternative to military intervention. But the experience of Iraqis, whose society was devastated by over ten years of harsh economic sanctions, shows us that sanctions against countries that defy Washington are a form of collective punishment used to augment the effects of war and/or lay the groundwork for war. While sanctions against Iran have yet to reach the levels and effects experienced in Iraq, there is much to be learned by placing these two different cases in a common frame. How are sanctions used by the US as part of its efforts to dominate the Middle East? What are the effects they have on everyday life and on social movements? And how have activists attempted to organize transnational solidarity to oppose sanctions? This event will look at previous campaigns against sanctions in Iraq and help launch a new campaign against the medical shortages caused by sanctions against Iran.

More info on the event is HERE.

Raha is participating in the CLAGS Homonationalism and Pinkwashing Conference

Raha will be participating in the Homonationalism and Pinkwashing Conference at the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies at the Graduate Center, CUNY on Wed, April 10, 2013 at 9:30a in the panel called Queer Iran. The conference schedule is listed HERE.

Our talk is called:

Politics of solidarity/Politics of sexuality, beyond the framework of identity

The US has engaged in multiple wars in the Middle East, often relying on humanitarian propaganda. How do we oppose Islamophobia and interventionist policies from the West while building solidarity with those struggling against legal and social repression in Iran? This presentation will approach  homonationalism with a feminist analysis of the relation of nationalism and sexuality. We will present a list of Do’s and Don’ts for activists interested in queer issues in Iran.

The conference has been long sold out, but you can catch audio of our presentation LIVE at:

Or follow the Twitter hashtag: #homoconf

March 14, Shalah Talebi: Narrating Transformation and Transforming through Storytelling

We are co-sponsoring this event, Narrating Transformation and Transforming through Storytelling with Shalah Talebi.

Shalah Talebi: Narrating Transformation and Transforming through Storytelling

March 14, 2013
Room 6496
The Graduate Center, CUNY
365 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10016


In Ghosts of Revolution (2011), Shalah Talebi’s haunting account of her years as a political prisoner in Iran, she engages two interrelated premises put forth by Walter Benjamin: that telling stories of lived experiences opens the possibility of a true human connection, the transmission of wisdom, and individual and social transformation; and, to paraphrase Benjamin, that death sanctions everything the storyteller can tell, for the storyteller borrows her authority from death.

Cosponsored by the Narrating Change Seminar in the Humanities; the Center for Place, Culture, and Politics; Havaar: Iranian Initiative Against War, Sanctions and State Repression; the Postcolonial Studies Group; the Committee on Globalization and Social Change; and the Raha Iranian Feminist Collective.

More info:

Free and open to the public. The building and the venues are fully accessible. For more information please visit, call 212.817.2005, or e-mail

July 1st – March Against Sanctions on Iran!

Join Raha, Havaar and others as we say no to crippling sanctions.

Details and info for this march are HERE.

See you on July 1st — at 3:00 pm — at the German Mission to the United Nations:
871 United Nations Plaza (at First Avenue between 48th and 49th Streets),
New York, NY

Co-Sponsored by the Coalition to Defend the Egyptian Revolution, Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), the Campaign for Peace and Democracy (CPD), Occupy Wall Street – Global Justice (OWS-GJ), Pakistan Solidarity Network (PSN), South Asia Solidarity Initiative (SASI), War Resisters League (WRL), Raha – Iranian Feminist Collective, and Where is My Vote? – NY (WIMV-NY)

If you are unable to join us in New York on July 1, we ask you to speak up and protest wherever you are.

Spread the word !!

New Article On – Iran and the US Anti-War Movement

We have a new article posted on Jadaliyya on May 8, 2012 written by Manijeh Nasrabadi called Iran and the US Anti-War Movement. It’s based on a talk given at the United National Anti-War Coalition (UNAC) Conference on March 2012 in Stamford, Connecticut. It was part of a workshop called, “Solidarity Not Intervention,” organized by Raha. Just before this workshop, the conference overwhelmingly voted down a resolution put forward by Raha and Havaar that read: “We oppose war and sanctions against the Iranian people and stand in solidarity with their struggle against state repression and all forms of outside intervention.”

Click HERE to read the article.

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